Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo/Rooney Mara

If you haven't seen THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO, that is the 
American version of the first of this explosive Swedish literary 
trilogy, switch the channel as I am going specific and I don't want 
to spoil your fun unless you read mystery stories last-page-first.


This is not a movie review; it's praise of a great young actress who 
just happens to be American Royalty, that is if you're a fan of pro 
football and two of its greatest teams, The Steelers & The Giants.

(Stills) Her first name is Patricia but she (CUT THAT OFF) and 
(NOW) goes by her middle and last names: Rooney Mara,Those two last names belong to the founders of the aforementioned Steelers & Giants, her grandfathers.  So this is a girl who was raised in the 
upper 1%, a child of enormous privilege even though the families 
might vote Democratic.  Imagine living in the lap of luxury and 
deciding, "I WANT TO BE AN ACTOR!"

(Stills? Clips?) But not just any actor, (SHE WANTS)to be in the DeNiro, 
Bale, Day Lewis class where you lose or gain a ton of weight, subject 
(HER)self to pain and suffering just for your art.  Meet Rooney Mara 
with real pins sticking into her mouth, nose and eyelid.

(OC)  I read where she even got nipple rings but I guess you'd need 
blueray to see that at home.  Next time I rent, I will.  And full 
nudity while being raped and making love; nothing is left to the 

(except maybe being there yourself but not in the rape 
scene because her vengeance is too satisfyingly horrible.)

(Clips) The current James Bond, Daniel Craig, plays her partner in 
sleuthing but she is the one to do the heavy hitting and rescues 
him.  She's hot but can be cold as ice.  A female James Bond although 
this one is "Bond, JANE Bond" with nipple rings. 

Hopefully  they will film the trilogy so that we have 2 more times to see this 
artist work this character. 

(Clip) Oh, and if you caught "THE SOCIAL 
NETWORK", that slick, sophisticated girl who outwits and drops the 
founder of Facebook in the opening scene, her name is Rooney Mara.


(OC) Rooney Mara can go deep and also challenge the middle.  An All-Pro in the 

Simply, Simon

A Shot of John Wayne


(OC)  John Wayne is dead, a tombstone overhead, an archetype of heroism is gone but his legacy as an American hero lives on in films, westerns a bunch, but also some World War II films like (Stills or clips) Back to Bataan,  Sands of Iwo Jima, They Were Expendable, Flying Tigers, and The Fighting Seebees.; all made during the war that Wayne unheroically skipped. Many a top star like Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable volunteered and saw real action while Big John Wayne stayed home and made his reputation as America’s He Man on camera wearing makeup, but serving as an inspiration to soldiers and civilians alike.  

But hold the phone!  He’s Back!!

[Clip from Battle Los Angeles (BLA) where soldier mentions “John Wayne” for the 2nd time and Echart clips from former films and then BLA) Aaron Eckhart, the actor who played 2nd fiddle to Erin Brockovich and became the two faced villain in The Dark Knight, going from DA to the Devil, has brought the movie version of John Wayne back to the screen in the riveting “BATTLE: LOS ANGELES”.   This is a sergeant who could give Sergeant Alvin York a run for his Medal of Honor.  The film is a deliberate homage to Big John  (1st time Wayne mentioned).   

(clips)  The movie is shot like the Bourne films, hand held violent action, but better editing and directing so you can actually absorb the heroic chaos.  But best of all, the enemies are aliens not Germans, Japanese, Arabs or native Americans; villains who are no longer politically correct to mash.   And there is even a hotshot babe in this politically correct crew of black, white and brown heroes who make mincemeat of their foes.  Hey, it’s a Hollywood fantasy so expect a happy ending, sort of.  Check it out and have a shot of John Wayne on me.

(OC)  However, beware; there is also the dark legend that Big John and his equally large buddy, Ward Bond, would get drunk and seek out Jews half their size and beat the crap out of them.   They justified their actions as striking back at the Jews who ruled Hollywood much like the Nazis blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s woes.   And all this bullying was going on while the ovens roared in Europe.  Wayne and Bond never attacked former ironworker, Lois B. Mayer, or the Warner Brothers or any of the other Jews who employed them.

Wayne’s heroism was an act but done so convincingly that his illusion lives on.  He was a much better actor than we thought and BATTLE LOS ANGELES is a tribute to his service to us all.

Simply, Simon