Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lost A Friend

Lost A Friend

Lost a friend yesterday, Xmas Day; Paul Steuber flew up the chimney with Santa and will not return unless he subs for Santa, having the smile and girth.  Actually I didn't lose a friend, I lost a broken down vehicle whose usefulness was over and it was time for Paul's pilgrimage as spirit to continue.  I have full confidence that Paul will climb whatever ladders spirits need climb to reach the North Pole of the Universe.

I gather blessings like others pick flowers.  These blessing are memory movies in mentalspace starring all the stars in my life, a cornucopia of endless variety that entertains and enlightens me.   Who do I thank?  Santa Clause?  Why not?  An embodiment of generous, unthreatening love.

So Paul Steuber you shall receive the first and maybe last Santa Clause Award for Generous, Unthreatening Love.  Too bad we don’t know if you can still tune this channel from where you’re hanging out.  You’d be a sea of salty tears reading what people from every walk of your life are saying about you.  Wow, that sucks if you can’t gloat over good press reviews.

You are a star in every heart you touched.

See you at the next bend.

Simply,  Simon

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