Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Astrologer & The Tarot on the 2016 Election

The Astrologer & The Tarot on the 2016 Election

The Astrologer & The Tarot Reader went to lunch and used their mystic sciences to investigate the American election of Clinton vs. Trump.  Both had preconceptions of the candidates.  The Astrologer didn’t trust either candidate and the Tarot Reader was reluctantly for Clinton.  One used an Astrology app on his phone and the other brought a “TAROT of the WITCHES” deck.

The Astrologer said both candidates were products of their charts; Clinton chart showed she was not changeable, a hard headed woman who would not change her mind and would use any means to get her way.
Trump was just the opposite; he would alter his beliefs like a ball on a roulette wheel and, no matter where it stopped, would start another spin immediately.  The only thing he could be trusted on was to not hold steady and would change his mind, making him look like a perpetual liar.

In choosing between the two, the Astrologer favored Trump even though he admitted he was untrustworthy and possibly a horror.  He believed even holding Clinton’s feet to public resistance would not alter her path.  Green was his choice even though he knew she couldn’t win and was then giving Trump a vote in close PA.

The Tarot Reader laid out 10 cards from only the Major Arcana (universal cards) and laid them out on “The Tree of Life” positions from the Kabbala which allows the mystic science of Numerology equal sway; position means as much as the face on the card.  The cards favored Clinton pretty much from the get go.  All the major positions were female cards from The Empress to The High Priestess.

Given that he was going to vote all BLUE anyway, he wondered if his preference was tipping the cards but he had made the Astrologer cut the deck to even out the influences.  The final card was “Judgement” which left it debatable whether the Judgement would be good or bad and for whom.  The Reader thought Clinton would win, but there would be a test for America to hold her to a liberal agenda and not her wealthy, powerful supporters who worship money and inequality.

As the Chinese curse says, we live in interesting times!

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