Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Draft

THWARTED EXPECTATIONS is the name of the game called "The Draft".  Watching players you know MUST be on your team or you've "lost" something you never had is a prescription for having a nervous weekend on an up and down merry-go-round.   Given it will take years to determine if the wage slaves won in this poker game are fantastic workers or busts, the emotional ride is manufactured joy and sorrow, "sound and fury, signifying nothing".   The same could be said of all sports activities, anything to distract us from the ordinary.   Manufactured Excitement is the name of all games.  I will attempt to skip the "live" draft and wait for the glorious, endless debate on who got what even before who got what has a chance to actually play.  Who says life isn't fun?  We manufacture or own joy and sorrow out of nothing.

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