Saturday, March 1, 2014

Emailing Metaphysics

Somehow I think I should apologize for the preponderance of metaphysics that I have been posting on FB and emailing but that is my game, my sport, my Super Bowl.  I FaceBooked this:

I have been sharing portions from "The Bowl Of Saki" by Hazrat Inayat Khan, the founder of the Sufi Order of the West because: "A person who, alone, has seen something beautiful, who has heard something harmonious, who has tasted something delicious, who has smelt something fragrant, may have enjoyed it, but not completely. The complete joy is in sharing one's joy with others. For the selfish one who enjoys himself and does not care for others, whether he enjoys things of the earth or things of heaven, his enjoyment is not complete. So it is only in this third stage that the following of the message is fulfilled, when a soul has heard and has pondered upon it, and has passed the same blessing on to others."  HIK

If this stuff bores you, you have my permission to ignore it and you won't hurt my feelings.  s,s

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