Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers

I found a new family in my 12-step program.

Brothers and sisters I never knew,

Forgiving me unconditionally.

Total Strangers who tell each other the truth

Become a family of Intimate Strangers,

Sinners who do not throw stones.

We attend The 12 Step Church.

Our God has no name except Higher Power.

We believe Confession purges the soul and the Truth sets us free.

In anonymous rooms we Confess and are forgiven.

In anonymous rooms we hear Confessions and forgive.

We hear of damage, we hear of recovery, we learn to hope.

The anonymous rooms are actually halls of mirrors,

Each one of us, a mirror to the rest.

We are the many who are one.

We are not alone.

We came to this fellowship shameful liars.

The lies hid secrets even from ourselves.

The Truth inspired miraculous recoveries

Among this family of Intimate Strangers.

Some have even become Intimate Friends.

Love is not only a possibility,

It is the very mortar of our 12 Step Church.

Where open wounds are closed,

Where closed worlds are opened,

And where the Truth of Intimate Strangers


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