Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Night thief!

Every night you steal into my bed and rob me of my youth,

Of my middle age

Of my life!

Night thief!

I never see you coming.

I never see you going

But every day

Something I treasured is missing!

Night thief!

You steal everything!

Even the nails that nail stuff down!

You steal everything!

Night thief!

I will catch you someday.

You will never steal anything from me anymore.

You can outlive me,

I don’t care.

Night thief!

I’ll get it all back.

I’ll dream this dream again and again

Each time treasuring even more

The stuff I took for granted.

Night thief!

I have won and the game isn’t even over

There is nothing you can steal from me

That I won’t get back

Bye and bye.

Bye and bye

Night thief!

Let me rock you to beddy bye

Night thiefy.

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