Tuesday, October 25, 2011



I am a satisfied customer.

I have tasted the fruit of good and evil

And I couldn’t tell the difference,

Both were bittersweet.

I finally got what I always wanted,


I allowed myself to absolutely love me

And left my bittersweet judgements behind.

Loving me sets me free to love you

Free of the fear of harm from you.

For now I know only I can hurt me

And now that I love me, it’s all in the bag.

I am a satisfied customer.

I am enjoying this wonderful heart stopping

Merry-go-round ride we call life.

What a blast at last to be satisfied.

The 23 rd Psalm is now my reality.

I see myself being shepherded,

(Whatever I did good or bad, it was God’s guidance)

My cup runneth over.

(Seeing abundance in my life by always seeking blessings)

Since that is true then the last promise must be true too:

Eternal life dwelling in God’s House forever (and for free)!

Not shabby at all.

I am a satisfied customer.


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