Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Catching “aprioris”

Catching “aprioris”

by Rev Simon-Peter

I am Reverend Simon-Peter and I fish for “aprioris”. “Aprioris” are the mind set, the matrix, behind everything we say and do. They are the famous shoes you must walk in to understand why we say and do what we do. To understand anything, you must first know where it’s coming from: where it’s coming from is its core belief system; so fundamental are these beliefs that they are rarely questioned and are believed without being examined.

Holy ones go into seclusion to explore their core beliefs, their “aprioris”. My particular “aprioris” are equality and the first commandment; that thing about loving God with your whole heart and soul and mind that Jesus told us to pursue and overlook the rest. His “rule” to treat others like yourself could be very dicey if you don’t love yourself. Who needs a self-loathing partner? It seems many of us do.

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