Wednesday, May 2, 2007



By Rev. Simon-Peter

Poor Moses! Deserves a Purple Heart for doing the dirtiest deed. What a monstrous hand he drew! All he thought he was doing was helping! That thing that he brought down from the mountaintop was meant to be a list of suggestions for peaceful social interaction on a 40-year desert excursion. How could Poor Moses know that God had given him the dirty job of delivering the Great-Guilt-Machine to a bunch of happy campers who really didn’t want to really hear about guilt and shame?

See, the thing about the last 9 commandments is that they are no-no’s that are impossible because you can break the rules with just words or thoughts. Who can control their words in a storm of passion? Who can control their thoughts? The mind is a wind that goes where it will go. And even deeds: Who can control deeds? Even the great ones have bad days. If you even think about coveting your neighbor’s ass you’ve spilled that moral acid in your guts, that thing we call guilt. No one can stand before the last 9 and not ache in sinful shame. It’s a fantastically successful self-torture device for feeling bad.

The really wonderful part of the guilt machine is the victim is also the perpetrator. It’s so efficient; a court hearing inside your own head with your self-respect on the line. And the shame machine always wins and you lose peace, sanity and overall well-being.

No wonder Poor Moses couldn’t enter Israel and had to hide his face. He knew how badly he had screwed up! He saw the crippling psychological pain grow on their trek. Everybody now had the word of God to support their believe in error and sin. Great! More pain! Authorized suffering. A good reason to feel bad. Perfect nonsense.

So if you dump the last 9 as impossible except as suggestions for peaceful co-existence and commit to the first commandment, we’re home free of guilt and shame. All we have to do is worship God as the all powerful creator, sustainer and destination for all who have hopped, skipped or jumped into this universe, for an instant or an hour. In short, It’s God’s hood and it’s all kosher.

Simply, Simon

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