Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Simply, Simon



Another day on the dirt swept, bittersweet Paradise known as Planet Dirt The whole population has been beamed here in every way imaginable. Animal, vegetable and mineral all arrived for the party.
Everyone at this party is on the menu. We are all gonna be consumed. Even memory will fade. All is lost. But there is hope.

This is the worst news anyone will ever hear or see or taste or touch. This revelation reaches into and effects everything that ever was, will be or is presently so. I’m sorry that I have chosen myself to be the one to tell you the WORST NEWS POSSIBLE!!

Everything is “POIFECT!!” There is no wrong or right, it’s just “POIFECT” the way it is and the way it isn’t. And, yes, it changes every moment so that “POIFECT” a moment ago will be already different in the next moment. Things really do move quickly around here.

We all travel at the speed of thought, at least our minds do, while the rest of the world travels at the speed that generates gravity, no faster or slower, just “POIFECT” for this whirling dust bag we call home.

So we spend a lot of our free mental time judging our world, and, no matter if you’re from the right or the left, we find the world needs fixing but can never agree on how, as a world populace, we can manage a world that works for everyone. The truth is we can’t. No one can. If you believe in a loving God, then we have a shot at creating a world that looks “perfect” even to us skeptics.

So what exactly is “POIFECT”? First you have to confront your own ignorance of the future. Got a crystal ball? Find an empty storefront, there are plenty around these days. Otherwise, join us honest folk who know that we know nothing.

Who can say for sure that what we judge terrible one moment ago might turn into something quite nice in the future. Happens all the time! And the same is true of the opposite. Something that looked good turns into poo-poo. Happens all the time! We know nothing!

So, we join the “POIFECT” Club. The only requirement for membership is the willingness to be wrong even when you think you’re right and to be right even if you think you’re wrong. There is a special greeting: When asked, “How are you”, your response must always be “POIFECT!! “(even if you’re not sure).

If challenged, you must say, in your own words or mine, “How do I know if this is the best or worst of times until the whole thing is over and it ain’t over yet!”

But there is an escape pod with your name on it.
Just focus your mind and contact DIRT PLANET DAILY.
We will supply all that you need to know to escape Planet Dirt’s fates.
Just tune in and turn on to the bodiless God that we all have within.

A voice of Hope and Joy, marinated in Love, will fulfill your happiness. If you tune into condemnation, you’re on the negative wavelength. Please turn from that station or you will suffer only guilt and shame. Choose. This is that fabled free will we are supposed to possess.

Choose an all-powerful God or one that only works on holy days
Choose an all-powerful God or one that only listens to the fortunate.
Choose an all-powerful God and blame everything on an all-powerful God.

Then relax and enjoy your ride on this cosmic dirt bag.
Turn all strife and joy over to an all-powerful God and let Him/Her/It sort it out.

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