Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How To Wash Your Brain

How To Wash Your Brain

First, take off your shoes. Var. shoes off to stripper music

The shortest distance to the head
Is through the feet. Get comfy. It won’t hurt.

Notice your thoughts. Say, “. Fx
Duhhh, What’s up thoughts?”

If they reply that life sucks
And then you die
Run quickly to the nearest light.
You have just encountered
The dark side. Your very own darkness..

That’s the dirt in your brain that needs washing.

Fortunately, we have been supplied
With an ample solution
An attitude adjustment

The antidote to the dark side is to
“Keep your sunny side up, up,
Keep your sunny side up.”

It’s all in your head
You gave yourself an F
And God gave you an A.

It’s God’s Universe
We’re only sharing it
Until death gives us a new lease.

Simply, Simon

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